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Scopas Tang

Scopas Tang - Pisces Reef Fish Emporium of Las Vegas, Nevada

The Scopas Tang is a species of surgeonfish. Surgeonfish are among the most popular saltwater aquarium fish in the trade. The Scopas Tang’s long snout gives them an advantage when foraging, as they can get at algae growing in reef cracks and crevices that are unavailable to other surgeonfish. It is also known as the Brown Scopas Tang. The Scopas Tang is easy to keep and care for, especially in a reef aquarium. The coloration of Scopas Tang is highly variable. It incorporates shades of gray, brown, yellow and white.

The Scopas Tang is an herbivore feeding predominately on filamentous algae. They are not picky eaters. They will eat a variety of foods including meats if offered. The Scopas Tang is tolerant of a wide range of living conditions. It does best in a larger aquarium, which satisfies its need to roam. The Scopas Tang is a bold fish. In larger aquariums, you can keep them in a small school provided they are added at the same time. When introducing a variety of tangs to an aquarium, it is best to add them in groups to help avoid territorial disputes.

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