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Nevada Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts (NAPE) Meet-Up

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Pisces Reef will host the April 2018 NAPE meeting – the last Wednesday of the month, 25 April at 7 pm.

In keeping with themes for the meeting, this time the topic will be fertilizers in the planted aquarium.

Apart from CO2 – the topic of the March 2018 meeting – other key nutrients are required to encourage vigorous growth in your underwater ecosystems. Macro Nutrients (N, P, K) and Micro Nutrients (Trace elements).
CJ Klok will give a short overview of the benefits of the various nutrients and discuss the three primary regimes for fertilizing:
Estimative Index (EI) and Perpetual Preservation System (PPS or PPS-Pro) for higher maintenance aquaria
and ‘El Natural’ for lower maintenance aquaria.
Also, the pros an cons of liquid vs dry fertilizers, and water column dosing and substrate dosing.

And as before, all attendees, do not hesitate to bring trimmings from your home aquaria for sharing or trading with your fellow aquarists. Also, do not forget to bring photographs of your aquaria to show off your masterpieces.

Also, please RSVP.