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Welcome to the Pisces Reef Fish Emporium Livestock library. We are working hard to bring you the leading saltwater & freshwater livestock information library. We are in the process of launching the livestock library currently and it will evolve from it's current state. Thanks for visiting our site!


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We’ll be adding both saltwater & freshwater livestock content as we produce it. Keep coming back to see our ultimate livestock information library. Thanks to all of our loyal customers for making Pisces Reef Fish Emporium the best aquarium store Las Vegas, Nevada,

Percula Clownfish – Saltwater Fish

Posted On: December 17, 2016

Clownfish are very popular tropical, saltwater fish. There are several different species of the Clownfish, but the most recognizable is probably the Percula Clownfish. “Nemo” is a Percula Clownfish. Most Clownfish you see in fish stores are not wild Clownfish. The reason for this in Clownfish are very easily bred in a home tank. These… Read more »

Damsel Fish – Saltwater Fish

Damsel Fish- Tropical, Saltwater Fish
Posted On: January 3, 2016

Damsel fish are tropical, saltwater fish. Damsel fish are very easy to care for making them a great tank mate for the beginning aquarist. They are usually bright colors. They can withstand a variety of different conditions making. They are also very disease resistant. Most Damsels stay on the small size even as adults. Making… Read more »

Plecostomus Catfish – Freshwater Fish

Plecostomus Catfish
Posted On: December 6, 2015

The Plecostomus Catfish is a tropical, freshwater fish. The Plecostomus Catfish is commonly called the suckerfish because of their mouth- a notable characteristic. Plecostomus are frequently seen in many aquariums because their algae eating habits which may can help with cleaning and maintenance. Another catfish great for controlling algae in aquariums is the Tiger-Banded Peckoltia…. Read more »

Gold and Blue Gourami – Tropical Freshwater Fish

Blue & Gold Gourami Tropical Freshwater Fish - Pisces Reef Las Vegas
Posted On: December 3, 2015

Gold and Blue Gourami are typical tropical freshwater fish seen in aquariums. They are also known as the Three Spot Gourami. Many varieties of Gourami can be seen. You can follow the same guidelines for the Gold and Blue Gourami as any other species of Gourami. Gourami are semi-aggressive in temperament. Male Gourami tend to… Read more »

Tiger Barb – Freshwater Fish

Tiger Barb - Tropical Freshwater Fish
Posted On: November 23, 2015

The Tiger Barb is a common semi-aggressive tropical freshwater fish. There are many species in the barb family. The same guidelines apply to most barb species. These fish tend to not do well in a tank with Angelfish, Bettas, and Gourami. Tiger Barbs tend to be fin nippers. The Tiger Barb is a schooling fish…. Read more »

Betta Fish – Freshwater Fish

Betta Fish - Freshwater Fish From Pisces Reef Fish Emporium of Las Vegas
Posted On:

Betta fish are becoming a very popular freshwater fish. Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. One reason these fish are so popular is because of the male’s striking colors and both sexes’ exquisite fins. An aquarist can tell the difference between a male and female by its color. Males tend to have… Read more »

Bala Shark – Freshwater Fish

Bala Shark Freshwater Fish - Pisces Reef Las Vegas
Posted On:

Bala Sharks also known as silver sharks are fairly stock freshwater fish. This shark can grow up to fourteen inches long, and prefers midwater shoals. For this reason the bala shark is not a good choice for most aquariums. Even though the shark can grow pretty long, the bala shark is not aggressive. The only… Read more »

Angelfish – Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Angelfish at Pisces Reef Fish Emporium
Posted On:

Angelfish are freshwater fish. These tall fish are long time favorites among aquarists. Angelfish are not aggressive. They can be kept with a community of fish as long as the other fish aren’t too aggressive either. Angelfish belong to the cichlid family. Angelfish are shy cichlids. Because of being so tall, a tall tank is… Read more »

Clown Loach – Freshwater Fish

Clown Loach Freshwater Fish
Posted On: November 22, 2015

Clown Loach are very active freshwater tropical fish. The Clown Loach is not an aggressive fish, but may bother other fish with its non-stop energy. These fish love to swim, and do best with a group of three to five other fish. A large tank with plenty of swimming room and plants for hiding is… Read more »

Tetra Fish- Freshwater Fish

Tetra Tropical Freshwater Fish
Posted On:

Tetras are freshwater tropical fish. More than likely, an aquarist has housed a tetra in his or her tank. Tetra fish are diverse. The more common species are the neon tetras and the cardinal tetras though there are many more. Tetras are a schooling fish. The neon tetra is not aggressive. They are very small… Read more »