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Invertebrate of the Month – Zoas

Zoanthids are commonly called zoas. They are small, soft corals commonly found growing on the floor of Zoanthids are colonial types of corals, meaning they form a colony of individual polyps all living together. These corals can come in some spectacular colors and color combinations.

Zoas are easy to care for. They can flourish in subtropical and tropical waters. Unlike most corals, zoas can tolerate a large range of light. Not having a calcified skeleton structure, zoas are more tolerant of swings in the alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium when compared to other corals. However, they will not be very tolerant to swings in PH, temperature, and salinity which is no different than any other coral or fish.

A good way to keep your zoa happy and healthy is to regularly feed it. It may also speed up the multiplication process. Regular feeds should happen 2-3 times per week. Zoas feed on both photosynthesis and plankton. They cannot survive on photosynthesis alone though. One of the most interesting things with these little guys is watching them feed. Because they have such large polyps, it is easy to watch them capturing and indulging in their food.