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Fish of the Month: Sea Anemone

Sea anemone with white tentacles in the aquarium

Sea anemones are saltwater invertebrates.

Sea anemones were named after the anemone flower. Like the anemone flower, sea anemones are territorial. They are predatory animals and carnivorous as well. Shrimp, mussels, and scallops are great foods to offer the anemone once or twice a week. Usually the better fed anemone means the larger the creature. Another interesting fact is the dimmer the light the more adequate food the anemone receives means the larger the creature as well. Most anemones are immobile and tube-like creatures. They attach themselves to soft substrate or attach to rocks or corals where they can slide around very slowly. Their tentacles are filled with venom hoping a fish passes close enough for a meal. They are triggered by the slightest contact releasing venom to its prey. The tentacles guide their prey into the mouth of the anemone. There are 1000s of species of sea anemones that can be seen. Sea anemones can be seen in a variety of many different colors and shapes. They are also found in many different sizes as well.

Giant tube sea anemone

Giant tube sea anemone

It is well known that anemones can develop symbiotic relationships with clownfish. The mucus layer found on the clownfish provides protection from the anemone’s sting. The clownfish benefits from the protection the anemone can give it, and the anemone benefits from getting the scraps from its meals. It isn’t as well known that anemones can also develop symbiotic relationships with green algae. The algae benefits from the protection the anemone can provide, and the anemone benefits from the bi-products of photosynthesis conducted by the algae. These bi-products are oxygen and sugar. Everything needs oxygen, and sugar can be transformed into energy. They are usually long lived. Hermit crabs sometimes attach sea anemones to their shell for camouflage. The anemone prefers the tank’s environment to copycat that of the warm reef. We could probably write a whole book on sea anemones, but we just wanted to leave you a little blurb about this interesting creature, and urge you to come in to the store for more details. Sea anemones are very interesting creatures. And remember there are over 1000 different species, so some facts may not be the same for some species.