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Fish of the Month: Discus Fish

Pisces Reef shipment of Discus

Pisces Reef Fish Emporium announces their fish of the month for December to be the Discus Fish. Expect amazing deals on the Discus Fish this month. We just received a huge selection of these gorgeous fish. Pisces Reef surely has one for you!

Pisces Reef Assorted collection of Discus Freshwater Fish

Pisces Reef Assorted collection of Discus Freshwater Fish

The Discus Fish belongs to the genus of Cichlids. The striking colors of the Discus Fish make it a very popular tropical, freshwater fish. Some even consider this fish to be very personable; raising this fish’s popularity. There are many species of the discus seen. They are nonaggressive fish. This fish’s name is derived from its body shape. Discus fish aren’t for the beginner aquarist. They require a very particular environment and many water changes.

The Discus prefers higher or warmer water temperatures than most fish in a community setting (82-86 degrees Fahrenheit). Because of their ideal temperature, discus are usually tanked by themselves. These fish are schooling fish; many discus should be tank together. You are at least going to be changing this fish’s water a couple times a week. Discus prefer a slightly acidic to neutral pH (6.4-7.8 pH). The most important thing is to keep the Discus environment as consistent as possible. Because of their size, a large tank is recommended. The tank should also have many live or artificial plants or place for the fish to hide. Live plants are highly recommended. Remember these fish have small stomachs. It is best to feed this fish small amounts three times a day. Discus Fish eat a variety of foods. A variety of foods should also be offered: vitamin enriched flakes and live, frozen, and freeze dried foods.